I help women:
-Lose fat
-Gain strength (mental & physical!)
-Stop fearing foods or categories of foods
-Repair their relationship with exercise (it is not a punishment and doesn’t have to be horrible)
-Repair their relationship with food (zero guilt)
-Repair their relationship with themselves: Hello, Confidence! (It looks good on everyone!)

I was in your shoes once.

I used exercise as a way to punish myself for eating “bad foods”, I did endless hours of cardio each week, I hated the way I looked and how I felt, but I couldn’t get off of the roller coaster of “more, more, more exercise” and just couldn’t wrap my head around the entire nutrition portion of it all. I ran a marathon, completed a triathlon, lifted weights, took group fitness classes, and yet- I was self-conscious and uncomfortable in my body.

I tried every diet and every exercise DVD or plan known to man. I would scour the internet for the next best eating plan, the next-best workout plan, I had books upon books of different diet methodologies, different workout plans- each filled with success stories of people “just like me” who had seen amazing results- but none of it worked for me.

Listen, I get it. I lived it for YEARS. I spent the first 20 years of my life hating myself, desperate enough to try anything to help “fix” me and the way I felt about my body. I never want to feel the way I once felt ever again, and I’m on a mission to help every woman I meet to never have to feel that way, either.

I have a slightly different approach than anything I had ever come in contact with in my previous years. I don’t give out meal plans, I don’t assign cookie-cutter workout plans- because that stuff doesn’t work. It just doesn’t- I’m living proof of that.

My mission is to give women what I wish I had back when I was struggling with my weight and body image. 

I use coaching methods to guide my clients to a better mindset. I help women reign in their perspective.
I work with women who are sick of the constant contradictory information out there.
I use evidence-based methods for both the training and nutrition sides of things- so there is no BS, no grey area- just proven, scientific methods to help you get your desired results.


CMOfitness is for you if:
-You’re working harder, not smarter, and are exhausted with the constant battle
-Not getting the results you feel you’re working so hard for
-You categorize foods as “good” and “bad” and avoid the “bad” foods
-You experience a lot of guilt regarding how you eat, especially when you eat the “bad” foods
-You’re not sure how to define your relationship with food
-You’re willing to learn new strategies, new habits, and put in the work
-You’re ready to start being nicer to yourself, ready to start feeling better about yourself,
not defining your worth by the number on the scale, and ready to feel like a badass
-You’re ready for results

CMOfitness is NOT for you if:
-You blame your circumstances on other people
-You like to make excuses
-You’re not willing to prioritize time in your life for regular exercise
-You like to follow detoxes and cleanses & you’re not willing to learn how to
properly fuel your body and your workouts
-You’re not willing to learn to move towards a new way of thinking about how you’re approaching
“diet” and exercise

If you think CMOfitness is for you-
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