When people begin a new diet or exercise regimen, or a lifestyle change as I’m sure you hear pretty often most days, I think they put so much faith into the new program that they neglect to realize what it all comes down to.

Say you’re beginning Weight Watchers, or something similar- Insanity, P90X, etc. You think to yourself “this is it! This program is what I’ve been missing in order to *insert goal here*” You go into the Weight Watchers meeting, or pop in that living room workout DVD thinking that the last piece of your puzzle will finally be filled. You now have the answer to reach your goal, once and for all.

But you know what you’re missing? You know why you’re wrong?
Because the only missing piece is YOU.
When you begin a new program, it’s not the program that’s working or not working, it’s YOU. You either decide to change, or you don’t.
No Weight Watchers Program can make you change. No amount of living room workout DVDs can make you change.
You have to make up your damn mind about wanting to change. Wanting to learn. Wanting to struggle. Wanting to succeed.
It is all on you.

Yes, sometimes those programs can provide you with the tools to get you to your goal, but it ultimately comes down to you. Have you made up your mind to change yet? Or do you still think you need a program to do that for you?

Inherently, everyone knows what habits of theirs need to change in order for them to reach their goals. I don’t have to tell you that if you’re tired, you need to get more sleep. If you’re an adult, you know when it’s time to shut off your iPad or phone and go the hell to sleep.

If you’re unhealthy, overweight, out of shape, eat better food and move more. At the end of the day, it kind of just comes down to that.

When I look at my clients, by and large, I’m so inspired. I have gotten lucky enough to train some very determined, hard working individuals that make my job worthwhile. A majority of my clients came to me because they need help. They need to lose weight, move with a purpose, they have goals to achieve that are important to them and they know that with a trainer, they can achieve those goals and become unstoppable. Whether someone’s goal is to lose 100 pounds or to just lose 10 and look better for summer vacation, if the goal is important to them, it is just as important to me.

I want all of my clients (and non-clients) to reach their goals. I think about each and every one of them at least once a day, wondering if they’ve worked out, tracked their food, etc.

When I look at the future of this company of mine, of this brand, I see a group of dedicated, determined people- nothing less. I see positive people with contagious attitudes- willing and happy to put in the time and the effort- wanting to change, to learn, to grow, to succeed. I want all of these things for my clients because this is what I am. How can I build a brand, a business, if my clients are lazy and unmotivated? How can I expect to grow successfully if my clients aren’t willing to succeed themselves? Each of my clients are a walking advertisement for what my brand represents. Do I want my clients to go around telling their friends “look at me! I look the same as I did when I started working with CMOfitness a year ago!”
I want my clients to leave our sessions, our texts, our phone calls feeling like a million bucks. Feeling uplifted, inspired, motivated, encouraged, strong, unstoppable. 

I want to have a group of diverse people, with different stories and goals, and life paths, but all with the same mentality. There is something so refreshing about hardworking determined people.

Once you adopt that attitude and mentality, it will pour over into all other aspects of your life. Once you decide you are the strongest person in the gym, because you CHOOSE to be, and realize that your strength is NOT categorized by the speed of your treadmill, the dumbbells in your hand, or the number on the scale, but by your ATTITUDE, it will spill and fill up all other aspects of your life in the most amazing way you ever thought possible.

When I look into the future and try to see what my brand will become, it becomes a mix of each and every one of my clients. The hard working ones. The ones that don’t give up. The ones that wake up with a purpose, every single day. The ones that dare to dream, and push, and fight, and WORK until they reach their goal. The ones that set impossible goals, and then reach them. The ones that refuse to be defined by a set back or a failure. The ones that keep pushing.

I am fighting, too. I posted a video and a post about my health, and I am determined to keep pushing on and fighting my fight. We all have a battle, we all have something that COULD hold us back- but we won’t let it. 

I could have an excuse every single day to not try my best- some days, my best is NOT where I want it to be, but I still TRY. So when a client comes to me, day in and day out with a reason or excuse as to why they aren’t seeing results, not seeing progress, not putting in the work, how can I take you seriously? How can I help you if you aren’t holding up your end of the deal?

I will bend over backwards for all of my clients. The ones that ask questions, and try their asses off. I would rather you be up my ass all day, sending me photos of your food, your questions, the photo of you after your workout, than have to wonder if you’re even trying anymore. But how can I be motivated when YOU’RE not motivated anymore? How can I change you if you don’t want to change? It happens with every new program, “THIS WILL BE THE ONE!” but unless YOU are ready to change, nothing will matter.

I’m determined to find people who share that mentality to work with me. If you’re not up for the challenge, if you’re not ready to work, and change, and grow, and accomplish your goals- find a brand or business that settles for less, that represents less, that doesn’t expect you to be your BEST SELF. This brand is about more, and I only want to build it with people that are ready to work, change, fail, grow, learn, push, and succeed. 

When you’re ready to change, when you’re ready to be your BEST SELF,
you know where to find us.
Are you in?