Brittany, owner of Wild Woman Strong, wrote a guest blog post for us- recanting her old morning routine vs. her new morning routine.

Truth be told, my current morning routine looks a lot like her old one- and honestly?
It’s time for a change..

Some mornings, I’m better than others.
I wake up between 4-5am, go to the gym, and get home with plenty of time to drink some coffee, read, write, & enter my day with a clear head.

Here’s Brittany’s story:

Wake up (reluctantly)

Make coffee

Throw on work clothes (all black, always… its faster that way)

Brush teeth

Pour coffee into a takeaway mug

Rush to meet morning clients

Consume coffee without realizing that I’ve consumed coffee and count down the minutes until I could walk to the cafe to get more coffee

My former morning routine was down to the absolute “essentials”, which was fitting for my minimalist lifestyle. I began my day in a rush because every last droplet of sleep I could catch was necessary to help me give my clients the greatest focus and attention they needed first thing in the morning. I admired my early morning clients for making self-care a priority and starting their days on a productive note. 

And then I hit a level of exhaustion that made it nearly impossible for me to function— something I had never experienced before and largely due to my reluctance to prioritize my own self-care. It, quite literally, required a complete overhaul of my lifestyle for me to heal, my morning routine being no exception. It has been a long process and I certainly don’t have everything figured out; although I have learned to love the journey and value the beauty of the unknown, a big step for this reformed control freak.

My new “overhauled” morning routine looks a little something like this:

Drink a glass of water

Leisurely make coffee

Spend five minutes on my intentional journaling practice while savoring my cup of coffee

5-15 minutes of meditation

Get dressed/ready for the day

This routine is a result of a lot of patience and trial and error and I certainly didn’t make the change over night. All in, it takes me a minimum of 15 minutes if thats all the time I have, but most days I spend about 30 minutes on my beloved ritual. I can also take it with me ANYWHERE in the world, which is important for my new nomadic lifestyle.

Since I no longer start my day in a rushed state, it has naturally led to days that are more calm and less stressful overall, and I definitely notice a difference in stress levels on days where I skip this ritual (which I can monitor easily with my journaling method). Other noticeable benefits to my new routine include higher quality sleep which has removed the demonic qualities of my alarm clock, improved skin, a more manageable emotional state, and I actually get to savor my coffee rather than abusing it for its energizing effects. 

If you want to learn more about my life-changing 5-minute journaling method and how it helps keep my emotional and physical states well-balanced, leads to greater productivity, and helps me set goals that stick, I’ll be holding an in-person workshop with Christina of CMO Fitness on Sunday, May 21st to spill all. Our hour of journaling will be followed up with a guided meditation and a candlelit restorative yoga practice to help it all sink in and leave you feeling refreshed! More details and how to register can be found on the Facebook event page here.