We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But do you really know why?
There’s a lot of different opinions and views out there as to what makes breakfast so important, but here is the simple science that I am sticking with (even though there’s a few more scientific details as to why breakfast is important, but we can skip that mumbo-jumbo for today!)

When you wake up, your body is in a fasted state- you have gone the longest amount of time in your 24-hours without eating through the night. Your body and muscles are hungry and ready to eat. If you skip breakfast, your body receives signals over the course of the day that you are in a caloric deficit. Ever get those late-night, pre-bed cravings? You’re ravenously digging in the kitchen to calm the beast down… Your body is trying to figure out a way to make-up that caloric deficit that it experienced earlier in the day.

On the other side of the coin, if you start your day with a balanced meal, you’re less likely to reach for a crappy choice for lunch. If you’ve allowed your blood sugar to drop, which it mostly likely will be low at this point in your late morning/early afternoon, you’re going to reach for a carb-heavy lunch which won’t do your body any favors.

“But I’m too busy in the morning to make breakfast!”
“But I barely wake up with enough time to make breakfast!”
but, but, but. bla bla bla.

Here’s a way to change your morning routine forever: Overnight Oats.

I’m not a fan of prepackaged oatmeal. It’s full of additives and sugar. But I am a huge fan of plain, ol’ regular oats. I buy the Quick 1 Minute Oats, either Quaker or Meijer Brand. They’re plain tasting, which may be boring to your taste buds, but it’s better than chowing down on a bowl of pure sugar in the morning. The good part of them being plain is that you can literally make unlimited variations of this breakfast, you just have to get creative. 

What You’ll Need:
-Quick Oats
-Milk (Almond Milk, preferably, but regular milk works too if you’re into that sorta thing..)
-Container with a lid
What You May Want:
-Peanut Butter
-Frozen or Fresh Fruit (whatever kind you like. Have fun with it.)
-Chocolate Chips (watch your serving size!)
-Stevia (if you’re picky and want it to be really sweet. I think it’s sweet enough from the fruit, but whatever floats your boat.)
-Chia Seeds
-Raw Cocoa powder
-Whatever else you think you might like in your oats!

How You Do It:
-Measure out 1/2 cup of dry oats (this is the serving size. You’re going to get yourself into trouble if you don’t measure your food out!)
-Double the amount of liquid… sometimes I add a little more. So 1+ cups of milk. Depends on how you like your oatmeal, runny or thick.
-Throw in your preferred additives, listed above
-Put seal on container, give it a good shake
-Leave in refrigerator overnight
-In the morning, oats are soft and ready to eat! (Yes, there is NO cooking involved!)
-If you only like to you your oats warm, you can throw it in the microwave for 1 minute or so and you’re good to go.

For me, I like to eat it cold, especially in the summer months. I almost always make Overnight Oats whenever we run out of peanut butter and there’s almost nothing left in the jar. I just add everything into the jar, let it sit overnight, and it still has enough peanut butter on the sides to let me scrape it off with my oats in the morning. So, so good! If I don’t have an almost-empty jar, I’ll just add a tablespoon of peanut butter into the container and shake it up OR I’ll coat the bottom of the container with peanut butter and then add in the oats and milk, etc.

If you’re going to use frozen fruit, make sure you put it in the night before. Every once in a while, there will still be a few slightly frozen pieces in there in the morning, so I’ll throw it into the microwave for 30 seconds. If I’m going to use a hard, fresh fruit, like an apple, I’ll just dice it up and add it into the mix in the morning instead of overnight.

My favorite combos:
-Apple, Peanut Butter, & Cinnamon
-Strawberry & Banana


Let me know if you give it a try, or what concoctions you come up with!
Happy Eating 🙂






My usual overnight oats go-to is just oats, almond milk, and peanut butter.