I spent the better half of 10 years wasting my time in the gym. I had no idea what a program was, what the importance of progression was, and yet beat myself into the ground for years wondering why all of my hours upon HOURS in the gym weren’t making a difference in my body or my strength.

I know better now!

Your body needs a program.

It’s that simple.

You absolutely can Google a free workout plan right now. But it won’t be customized to you, your goals,
your time constraints, your unique body shape, or any limitations and injuries you may have.

But if you’re ready to stop wasting your time, ready to make every rep count, ready to commit to a program
that will deliver you results, then virtual training is for you.

These 100% customized workouts are sent to you using a shared Google Sheet- we like to keep things simple around here 🙂

The days of you wandering into the gym wondering what to do are over!

Keep in mind- the plan only works if you do!

1 Month of the best
workouts of your life $99

12 consecutive weeks
of Pure Bad-Assery
   $75 per month
    (Saves $72)
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