8 day recap of steady state cardio!

I laugh as I type this because years ago, steady state cardio ruled my life.

I lived and died by my adherence to my cardio.

I punished myself with cardio:
“Christina, you ate too much. 2 hours of cardio.”

I assessed my food intake by figuring out how much cardio I’d need to do 
to “earn” my food choices:
“Pasta? At least 1 hour of running.”

I earned my food with cardio:
“You’re going to go out for drinks tonight… 2 hours of cardio to earn those drinks, baby!”

I defined my self-worth by my adherence to my self-imposed cardio rule:

You’d think with all that bargaining with myself, with all that cardio,
that I must have looked my best! I must have been thin, and lean,
felt really great about myself.

On the contrary….

I was a meatball.

I was in a constant battle with myself. The food, the cardio, the validation of myself.

Fast forward to now… 
I drag my happy ass to the treadmill or stairclimber, and get shit done because I’ve promised you all that I would do this.

Here is my 8-day recap: (second half recap to follow in 7 days!) Super anti-climactic for now… 

-Day 1: 30 minutes steady-state on the stairclimber
-Day 2: 30 minute treadmill run, 6.5-7.5mph, covered ~3.5ish miles
-Day 3: 30 min treadmill run/walk. 10 minutes incline, 15%, 3.5mph, 10 minute run @ 6.5mph, 10 minute incline walk, 15% 3.5mph
-Day 4: 30 minutes on stair climber (listened to podcasts to bust my boredom, OMGGGG.)
-Day 5: 30 minute treadmill run. “Do. Not. Start. Sprinting.” “Do. Not. Race. The. Girl. Next. To You.” ugh. lol
-Day 6: 30 minutes on the stairclimber. My new BFF. Decided to walk two stairs at time to keep it interesting…
-Day 7: 30 minute treadmill walk. 10-15% incline, 3.0-3.5mph. SHINS ON FIRE! Calves on fire. Want to rip my own achilles tendon out. FML.
-Day 8: 30 minute treadmill run. 6.5-7.5mph. “Should I train for a 5k? No. Stop it, Christina. LET ME LIFT!!!!!!” (My own rendition of “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!”)

Body stats: I weigh the exact same. Ha!

Hunger: I seriously feel hungrier than ever. I wake up hungry, I go to sleep hungry. Yes, I’m usually a super hungry individual, but I usually can satiate myself. These past few days? Not so much. I do honor my hunger and eat when I’m hungry, but I’m trying to keep my food intake the same for the sake of this experience… hence, so much extra hunger! (I’ll get more nitty-gritty on this topic by the end of the 30 days!)

Other notes:

-I have less time to lift. Carving out the time to workout can be cumbersome enough as it is- committing myself to 30-minutes each day
for just cardio and then finding time to get a solid lift session is has been tough! I’m doing my best though! Knowing this isn’t my new lifestyle I think provides some mental relief.

-My cardio selfies need work. Ha!

-My left hip has been killing me. Product of all of the cardio? Maybe.
I feel the need to stretch more than ever. And even that isn’t helping.

-I think because I’m CHOOSING to do cardio, I don’t find it nearly as awful as I once did. But also, this is only 15 days, whereas years ago, I thought that was the rest of my life. I didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps because this is finite, and again a choice, I don’t feel ruled by my cardio, guilty, better or worse, etc.

-I’ve been taking “body” pictures along the way and will post the differences on day 30 after #15daysofintervals
which I honestly cannot wait to get to. LET ME SPRINT! 😉