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I am convinced Christina is a miracle worker. She has given life back to me.

Growing up I was the girl that happened to lose her baby weight a little bit later on in life so I was always a little bit bigger than my friends but didn’t think much of it. Once middle school hit it was my time to grow and the growth spurt sure took over. I grew and slimmed out naturally just because that’s what humans do. Unfortunately I viewed it as a blessing that I was now “skinny”, whatever that means. I always wanted to enter high school being “skinny” and I was going to do that, I was so excited! Sophomore year I decided I should maybe run a little to stay “skinny” and keep my heart healthy. So I would casually do so but nothing too drastic. Then the summer before junior year hit and I took the whole running thing to a new level. I ran each and every morning and continued my day with eating basically nothing. I would have an apple for lunch and very little food for dinner and that was it. That habit continued on to senior year and that’s when my parents realized something was up and had me see a nutritionist. That worked for a little while until I went off to college where all you hear is the “don’t gain the freshman 15!” So naturally I started to work out for hours on end to make sure I didn’t do that and once again ate very little. This habit unfortunately continued on for far too long to the point where I was slowly but surely killing myself.

I hated to go out in public because I knew clothes hung on me like sacks, but that wouldn’t change my habits. I had strangers telling me I was so skinny. But still, that didn’t change my habits. I had little kids I babysit ask how I stay so skinny, still nothing changed. And I had family begging me to gain some weight, but yet again nothing changed. That treadmill and stairmaster were my best friend that I would not give up. Until Christina. I met with her one day and realized I needed to do something quick before I no longer was even alive.

With her guidance, coaching, and encouragement, I am a new woman. I love wearing clothes that FIT me. I love going out with people. I never touch a treadmill or stairmaster. I enjoy food. I look forward to what the future holds for me. I cannot ever thank Christina enough for everything she has done and continues to do with me, she’s amazing! I can’t wait to continue the progress and embark on a new lifestyle. SKINNY IS NOT PRETTY! Skinny is a dumb word and shouldn’t even be used. STRONG and HEALTHY should be the focus.

Before starting with Christina I was just a girl on her way to ending her life. That girl has gone away and this new girl is comin in hot ready to take on whatever life has to throw at me!

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